Do you have an idea, but don’t have time? Or do you have time but don’t have ideas? This is a place for ideas to be shared, and if you see one you like you can take it and run with it.

So start commenting below.

2 thoughts on “Ideas

  1. I know how to personalize learning for every student in a class, cohort or school using technology and want to share my knowledge with New Zealand. I have school data captured since the inception of my pedagogical change and shift from 2016 Term 1 to 2017 (current) of the effectiveness of the 21st Century teaching and learning approach I have adopted. The improvements have been significantly positive in the areas of behavior, attendance, motivation, engagement and most importantly learning. I have had two independent reviews from an international ICT consultant and a Google Certified Innovator and Educator and am currently working with a educational psychologist in our learning program to dig deeper into the “how” it works with our students from a educational psychologist point of view. Through the pedagogical shifts using digital technology effectively we are currently finalists in the Prime Ministers Excellence Awards in Teaching and Learning Innovation 2017.

    Here is a link to our class learning website (CLICK ON THE BLUE LINKS IN THE DOCUMENTS AND LOOK THROUGH TERM 2)

    I have also created a PLD plan to shift pedagogy and mindsets for our current staff linked and enabled via a website that enables the staff to be a part of a personalized PLD plan 24/7 at their own time and pace of learning.

    I want to develop this further for the whole of NZ (as it works effectively in a predominantly Maori / Polynesian populated decile 1-2 school William Colenso College) so every learner has the same opportunity and every teacher has the opportunity to personalize learning for every learner in their class / school.


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