OneNote Learning Tools supporting our writers – Georgina Howell Opaheke Primary School

My project is designed to support all the writers in my Year 4 class. The students can use the learning tools in a variety of ways to support their writing. The Learning Tools has an immersive reader will be used so the children can listen to their own writing to hear the audio cues about transitions from subordinate to main clauses, these are not apparent in a written text. I will also be working on the use of the dictate tool to see if this can support those students who have the ideas but struggle to record their ideas for various reasons.

At the start of the project, students will complete an e-asTTle writing test administered by one of the Senior Leadership Team to gain the baseline data for the project.

If our trial is successful, there will be a correlation with the use of the learning tools and improvement in writing results from the students in the classroom.