My name is Kerri Thompson and I am a Year 7 teacher at Tamatea Intermediate in Napier.

#NZreadaloud is a connected literacy initiative modelled on The Global Read Aloud (GRA). The purpose is to focus on New Zealand authors writing New Zealand stories with a mission of “One book to connect Kiwi kids”.

Having involved myself in the GRA  in Term 4 of 2014, I was left with a sense that this is where the future of literacy lies. Flattening the walls of my classroom and connecting with teachers and kids around the world was an exciting and new way to have my learners share and build understanding with others about a story. As Pernille Ripp writes, “ the future of literacy “ will centre around these 5 themes:

  • (Global) collaboration
  • Meaningful integration of technology
  • Student voice and choice
  • Authentic purpose and audience
  • Personalising learning for the kids in front of us

What initially began in 2014 as an inquiry into how I could use a read aloud to demonstrate and model reading comprehension strategies in a more authentic way and at the same time engage my more reluctant readers, has evolved into something quite powerful.

I am excited to have an opportunity through Grass Roots Ideas to carry out some research into the impact of #NZreadaloud. I will be gathering evidence of the ways #NZreadaloud is empowering learners, engaging them in learner led inquiry, providing a scaffold for how we get meaning from text, and creating collaborative environments where students can learn from each other. In addition to this, #NZreadaloud is about connectedness. Educators have opportunities to flatten the walls of their classrooms and have their learners build and share understanding of a story with others and in doing this, practice their digital citizenship.

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