The Lab

Our goal is to create a Makerspace at Mt Roskill Primary called The Lab.

“Makerspace is a general term for a place where people get together to make things. Makerspaces, might focus on electronics, robotics, woodworking, sewing, laser cutting, programming or some combination of these skills.” RoSlund and Rodgers, 2013.

Our inquiry will focus on how a Makerspace in the school setting can support increased motivation, engagement and achievement of students at risk of not meeting their potential.

The Lab will be accessed by the whole school but the initial intention is to create a Maker group of at risk students and use a project based learning approach in a withdrawal program.  We will apply the the TMI – Think, Make, and Improve design model (Martinez & Stager, 2013) as a framework for the projects occurring within the Makerspace.

Provision of the appropriate resources will allow the projects to include-

  • Film and production.
  • Robotics and electronics.
  • Modelling and 3D printing.

The vision is for the Makerspace to become a source of ongoing and often self directed learning and exploration. Once set up it would also be a forum for other school groups, for example coding and robotics clubs.

Using the GrassRoots Funding we are able to have a teacher work one day a week taking groups and managing this space. For the rest of the week the space is able to be available to be used by classes.

The space will have thee capacity to offer tools for digital imaging, coding, electronics, 3D printing and robotics. 

Our school is a decile three school that caters for a diverse range of learners including many with special needs. Many of our children do not have exposure to the technology that prepare them for future career opportunities and this Makerspace will be one way to address this. In addition for some students an innovative teaching approach is needed to engage them in school.

The benefits of this include but are not limited to-

  • Develop 21st century learning skills
  • Promote STEM
  • Provide collaborative learning opportunities
  • Provide real world, practical learning opportunities
  • Provide multidisciplinary learning experiences
  • Create links with our other campus schools and community
  • Provide an alternative pathway for achievement and success in school
  • Be a leader in this field with respect to the other schools in our CoL

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