Google Classroom efficient, easy to use, —but how effective is it—all the e’s however, in the end, it is engagement.

Used Google Classroom for two years as a foundation for face to face, online and independent learning in Mathematics Year 10, Level 1, Level 2 Calculus and I have extended into the Pastoral field

While we have found it to be an excellent tool for engagement, learning, and achievement, we need to have the evidence and data to support this.  Google Classroom has led to efficiency: it is the effectiveness that we want to work out.
Interestingly , we also now have the challenge to engage our parents and community via Google Classroom.  This is not directly available at the present time and there is a need to make Google aware and to provide feedback and solutions.
With parents able to access Google Classroom,  we see the positive benefits for them, students and teachers alike.
We are learning and adapting Google Classroom as shown by this link as being one of the many helpful resources. As stated it is the foundation that we use other Apps whether they be iOS, Android or other.

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