Building Parent & Whanau Engagement with the app Class Story

otonga grassroots image

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We are two teachers (Sonja Hoogenboom & Shaun Wood) from Otonga School, in Rotorua New Zealand.

The focus of our project is parent engagement in student learning. We are targeting three areas of parent engagement (engagement in the school, engagement in the classroom of their child/ren, and parent engagement in their child’s learning).

Our Inquiry mostly will focus on the use of the app Class Dojo to connect with parents and whanau. We will focus specifically on the use of Class Story (a quick and easy to use and access page), where ‘snack bite’ posts with or without pictures are sent instantly to invited members. We will also investigate the use of another Class Dojo feature; Messaging, to send notices, general information and individualised information whenever necessary. By providing links in our posts and messages, to our Class Blogger pages, we also hope to increase engagement in these sites too.


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